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These are the rules that you must follow while using this wiki.

User Rules

  1. No vandalism. This includes:
    • Blanking pages.
    • Inserting gibberish.
    • Making major changes to stories without the author's permission. There are some exceptions, as seen below.
  2. Edits can be acceptable if they fall under one of the categories below and do not change major story elements:
      • Fixing grammar and spelling issues, including making regional variations of spelling (such as color/colour) consistent throughout the story except for dialogue.
      • Adding the relevant categories the story belongs to.
  3. Post stories and stories only. This is a website for original pieces of writing. Anything that cannot be reasonably considered a story will be deleted. Stories that use another person's intellectual property will also be deleted. We are not a fanfiction site.
  4. No plagiarism. Never, EVER steal or copy another person's story. It will be deleted immediately.
  5. Don't copy someone else's introduction. Stories mirrored from Short Stories & Prompts are exempt from this rule.
  6. Be nice. Don't harass other people.